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23 May 2009 @ 10:35 am
I'm lame, this is an update  
Haha, so it's been ages since I've updated. I'll try to do a recap, starting from the day I broke the school record...the setting is Bridgewater College, on a cool sunny day.

I've got shin splints -- yuck! I counter this by taking 1200mg of ibuprofen. My liver is going to hate me one day. Luckily, though, this results in a rather pain-free meet. I do the long jump. I hate the long jump. Wait around for the 4x100/my flight in the triple. I sprint across the entire field to go find the 4x800 relay card. Run the 4x100, we do alright. There's a crazy head wind.

I'm ranked 2nd in the triple jump. I'm on my last jump, but I don't quite remember what place i was at this point. My legs are dying from having already jumped 5 times (not including run throughs and what not) and running the 4x100. So I jump. I hit the board gawd awful but some how I manage to hit 36' 1". New school record!! Woo~ I run around screaming, jumping around, because I've just vaulted myself to first place as well. Some Sherando track alums hit me up with a congratulations and I'm set for the rest of the day. Lauren and I are both champions, and we wait around for them to announce the results so we can pick up our champions athletic bags. Good day :)

Go on to the district meet: district champion with 35' 8.5". Not bad. I'm just happy I didn't scratch out  (like I did at ABI).

Fast forward to the Region II meet this past wednesday. First things first, 4x100 was terrible. Ayana and I had a disgusting hand off. I nearly had to stop so we could get it in the zone. I warm up for the triple way ahead of time because they don't know how to run a pit. When it finally comes around, I'm nervous as hell. I'm ranked first, but number 2 just had a really good day in the long jump. First jump: scratch. Dammit. Second jump: 34' something lame. Dammit. Third jump: scratch. FUCK! I start freaking out because, even though I've made the finals, I'm scared to death I'll scratch out.

Finals. I'm ranked...not well going into the finals. I don't recall my first jump, but the second one is good for a momentary stay at first. The girl who was originally ranked second jumps right before me and steals it away with 35' 8". "I know she didn't." I've got one shot left to let everyone know I've got what it takes. I run as hard as I can towards that board...and land 36' .25" into the sand. Oh, the joy! Sean, Tamara, and Mr. Haack are there to cheer me on and all feels good. It's a good day :)

The Northern Virginia Daily interviewed me. I'm in the sports section of the May 21st paper. :) yaaaay!!! I bought four copies.

Oh, and that prom thing happened, too. :P We got a limo and it was beast.