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19 February 2009 @ 06:15 pm
Indoor Track Region II Championships  

This is my super quick "I don't feel like doing this" recap of the meet yesterday.

First off, I wake up and get ready real quick like, and am running a little late. I get on the computer real quick and notice Josh has IM'd me. So I'm all "WTF, why aren't you at school?" and apparently, we have a 2 hour delay for no good reason at all. I chill out for a bit, munch on a poptart, and then head over to Josh's house for a good hour before going to school.

Go to business. Stupid. Leave class around 10:30. Find out we're not leaving until 11:15 because of the delay. Me and my buds make an illegal run to subway, I go home to grab a pillow and blankets for the awesome 2.5hr drive to Fork Union Military Academy. Get back to school, I go find Josh in class, steal his headphones and say goodbye.

Bus is late. Sit in Lauren's car and dance like an idiot until bus arrives. We have to share a bus with James Wood, the other local high school. They're a bunch of idiots and I want to kill them. They've got cool coaches, though. Listen to music for majority of ride. Other coaches admire my jumping ability (District Champion, wooooo!!). Get to track, head inside.

I've got a good long while until the girls long jump starts. I jump, everything feels good -- good speed, and crazy ridiculous height. Unfortunately, my jumps still suck. Four jumps later I'm pissed. I'm pissed at coach because he doesn't know what he's doing so he can't tell me what the fuck I'm doing wrong. Barely make it into the top 6 -- going to States anyways. Hooray!

Sleep. Wake up, go to bathroom, and see other girls warming up for the triple. Warm up, get steps. I'm out to redeem myself. I'm ranked second, I'm going for first. First jump, not too bad, not particularly good. Second jump better. Third, not quite as good as second, but still not good. Lauren (other Lauren, team mate) is beating me by only a little. Fourth and last jump -- I'm ready. Ready to make history, ready to bust some shit out.

Fuck up last jump. Scratch. Foul. It's all over. Without even stopping I turn, grab my stuff and walk back to my team. Scream, cry, yell. Walk around to try and calm down. Kick trash can. Walk back to pit to see where I placed. Coach walks over, looks, turns and says "First and second."

OMFG!! Scream, walk away livid. Walk over to team, yell "FUCK!" really loudly, sit down and start crying. I'm pissed off like you wouldn't believe. I was a fucking inch from the REGION TITLE. I'm pissed because I know I'm fucking better than her. I'm pissed because that last jump would have been it. I'm pissed because she gets the title that was MINE. Inconsolable for remainder of trip home.

Colby tries to make me feel better, I wish he would leave me alone. He still "loves" me. It's been four years, dude, get the fuck over it. Stop at Sheetz -- get massive frozen mocha with extra everything. Fall asleep for remainder of bus ride. Beautiful sleep.

Go to Josh's house and relax, bitch, moan, and complain. He makes me feel better. He's cute when he's tired. :]

Come home, go to bed. Still angry in the morning. Go to school, make amends with Lauren for being such a douche bag about her beating me. We're a good team. The one-two punch. Who's the one and who's the two depends on what day it is. We're a force to be reckoned with. If I break the record, she'll break it next year. She's a good athlete and I'm glad she's on my team.

States is next Saturday. I'm out for vengeance. I'm out to redeem myself. I'm out to show everyone who I am, and who they should be looking for during outdoor. It's mine.
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Tayschrenntayschrenn on February 21st, 2009 07:09 am (UTC)
But, Carolyn...

I miss you...

Carolynmirlael on February 21st, 2009 11:12 pm (UTC)
lol FUCK YOU!!!